"You write from a very intensive place and you offer the reader a profound journey into the lives of your characters. They honestly feel so real... thank you for the delightful trip​."

                                    -- Celine Fahey

​Though satisfyingly different from her debut, Missing Emily, Gerri LeClerc’s warm, suspenseful second novel again centers on the nature and responsibilities of family, the well-being of a child, and the healing power of a beloved place. Existing fans and new readers alike will welcome this second visit to the magical Knoll Cottage, the very air of which seems infused—like the author herself—with female wisdom.

—Suzanne Fox, publisher of Stories of You Books​

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My beautiful daughter, Renée, created the illustration on the cover of Silent Grace, in collaboration with book designer, David Seager.

Silent Grace

Book 2 in the Knoll Cottage Series

"This is a superb story, so filled with hope, joy and sorrow, grief, loss and the pain addiction causes, especially to the littlest victims, the children involved.

 It is the shining story of love and loss and, finally, restoration beyond explanation.

Ms. LeClerc is incredibly gifted in her writing abilities. I will never forget this story."

​--Kathleen Marusak, Editor